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COR Advertising Motifs

COR Advertising Motifs

Creating ads that reveal the real heart of a brand

To stand out from the crowd, it takes trust.

Factor has enjoyed a long-running and close relationship with COR Sitzmöbel. And when you know someone that long, you can trust each other to create something truly unique, while staying true to who you are.

When Factor first began working with COR in 1999, it was primarily as a design agency. But COR was eager to bring all of their creative work together with one partner, and quickly asked Factor to pitch to create advertisements as well. With a selective budget for ads, a mix of special interest and large-format ads in sophisticated weekly publications, COR needed ads that would dramatically set them apart from the competition. Factor found the solution – within in COR itself – and has continued to be responsible for COR’s communication measures ever since.

There’s a better view from the path less traveled.

Rather than try to keep up with competitor’s advertisements, Factor chose an approach to present COR’s products using a method that no one else was using – bold, artistic collages. Follow up concepts used people for the first time, and then later created evocative home spaces photographed exclusively in unique and even surprising locations. 

The ads took advantage of huge amounts of white space to single out COR’s ads – and the furniture company’s designs – from the editorial content. But competitors soon became inspired by the generous white frames to create similar ads of their own, leading to a standardization among furniture ads, so Factor and COR decided that a dramatic new path was needed. 

When the crowd begins to follow, you change your pace.

Beginning in 2019, the ads Factor created for COR used color – a lot of color – and reserved white only for brand elements and text. The result was an unprecedented novelty that again grabbed attention for its boldness. Colors bring out strong feelings, but the overwhelming positive responses to the ads confirm what Factor and COR believe: When you trust each other – you can show your true colors.

“Even after so many years, working together as partners with Factor has allowed us to continue to develop the COR brand,” says Leo Lübke, owner of COR, “by continually showing the real heart of our business.”

Olaf Stein
Partner Branding

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