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COR Farmer

COR Farmer Chair

Finding the perfect fit.

When it comes to communication, one size doesn’t fit all.

Take the Farmer Chair, for example. At first glance, it didn’t look like it fit in with the catalog of products from COR Sitzmöbel. After all, the furniture company is known for plush coziness, and the Farmer Chair was groundbreaking for its minimalism when it was designed in 1965. But COR knew the chair embodied their values of simplicity, longevity and sustainability.

So to demonstrate how well the Farmer captured today’s zeitgeist, Factor created a communication package that fit just as perfectly, with a variety of communication channels that would all slot together with the same precision that the wooden pieces come together to create the chair. 

You can’t forget the customer.

In 1965, the Farmer was the first chair designed to be assembled at home, and today it is also the first COR product that you can buy directly at a dealer and carry home. To celebrate these firsts, Factor designed a point-of-sale display and unique packaging to make bring home and unboxing the product special parts of the customer experience.

And since the product will play such a special role in COR’s collection, Factor suggested a way to emphasize this with a communication piece COR had never used before, an individual logo for the chair itself. Not only does the logo mark how special the chair is for both COR and the design industry as a whole, it is a meaningful way to connect to the simplicity and longevity of the product. 

Sometimes the product speaks for itself.

One of the unique characteristics of the Farmer Chair characteristics is the way it doesn’t adapt to its surroundings – rather the surroundings complement the chair, the way a gallery complements a work of art. This guided the photography of the chair, with Factor creating abstract scenarios using only light and shadow to demonstrate the product’s versatility – for indoor and outdoor spaces, for homes and professional spaces.

But for an even more direct way to tell the Farmer Chair’s story, Factor filmed a video interview to bring the new edition together with the designer of the original 1965 chair – just in time for his 90th birthday – to create a space where the longevity of the project is literally brought to life. 

“Working with Factor on the Farmer Chair, we didn’t even have a brief about the communication,” says Leo Lübke, owner of COR. “But as our collaboration evolved, we found a solution that lets the Farmer Chair make a statement that is perfect for today’s world.” 

Great ideas develop when everything clicks into place.

Perfect solutions don’t develop on their own. It always takes the right tools and techniques matched to each individual client and their needs. Factor’s work on the Farmer Chair for COR has created the same kind of harmony that the product itself creates: precise pieces, carefully thought out, that come together to reflect the values that COR is passionate about. The perfect fit. 

Olaf Stein
Partner Branding

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