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COR Print Projects

COR Print Projects

How to adapt to the changing dynamics of print marketing

Things don’t change – people change.

For generations, customers have relied on printed brochures and catalogs when it came to making decisions about products and services. And certainly, for furniture company COR Sitzmöbel, their lavish annual catalog was the leading communication tool for customers. However, with the easy accessibility of mobile-friendly content – it was necessary to re-think COR’s print communication.

In more than 20 years of cooperation between Factor COR, printed matter has always played an important role. So, to meet customer demands for focused information, Factor created printed brochures to concentrate on specific furniture lines and groups. However, as recent demand for printed material began to change again, with brochures and catalogs serving a new role for a new kind of customer, and it was time for COR to adapt.

Change is a critical constant.

Returning to a printed catalog is a continuation of the company’s forward-thinking character, and a commitment to renewing and extending relationships – just as their furniture continues to be handed down to new generations. And by keeping up-to-date with the changing dynamics of printed material, COR has made sure that their communications remain relevant and useful.

Contrary to popular belief, print isn’t dead.

Browsing online is casual, but once customers today are engaged, they want a greater emotional connection than they can get from a website. For high-value purchases in particular, printed brochures and catalogs tap into feelings and aspirations, with customers flipping through catalogs as they would a lifestyle magazine, building their emotional connection to the brand.

So, Factor encouraged COR to put aside individual product brochures and produce a full-ranging catalogue again. But one that leaves the detailed production information to websites where customers can go into greater depth.

Since printed price lists remain critical tools for COR dealers, Factor also created comp cards or so-called sed cards for business-to-business communication at trade shows. With a short profile of each new product, the comp cards summarize the product specifications all in one small brochure. Plus, with Factor’s introduction of the COR annual color – one that changes every year for all pricing and details valid for that year – the relevance and immediacy of COR’s communication materials becomes transparent.

“Adapting to the changing ways that people use print has made it possible to have new kinds of conversations with our customers – new kinds of engagement,” says Leo Lübke, owner of COR. “So, our customers feel at home with COR, wherever they are.”

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