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Greater franchise success thanks to agile marketing tools


Factor supports RE/MAX Europe with communication measures for the practical needs of franchise partners, thereby generating a strong commitment to the brand.


Making the brand more visible in Europe

With over 120,000 real estate agents worldwide, RE/MAX is the fastest growing real estate company in the world. Focusing on the distinctive hot air balloon generates high recognition in the different European regions.

Together with Factor, we have launched a brand development program. Factor has developed highly valuable recommendations and marketing tools to strengthen and distinguish RE/MAX from our competitors.

Sebastian Troll · Director Marketing Europe, RE/MAX Europe

Discovering superpowers

Whether it the website, the business card or – as shown here – the RE/MAX brand heroes, which are designed to animate the members of the network to use the agile marketing tools available in the Marketing Center: The illustration style developed specially for RH/CMAX evokes emotions and forms a strong visual umbrella covering all communication media.

RE/MAX European Convention

For the last 10 years, some 1,200 members of the RE/MAX network have met for three days in October in a European city for the European Convention. Networking, exchange among professionals, conference formats, workshops, inspiration and the legendary Fun Night provide inspiration for all the participants. A new slogan every year– organized by RH/CMAX Europe – with the goal of committing the participants to the RH/CMAX brand and the corporate goals. 

Video walk-up for speakers

What makes RE/MAX special is the great independence of the franchise partners in the regions. To permit this freedom and at the same time find a common thread for the brand as a whole poses a major challenge for agile brand management.

Olaf Stein · Partner Branding

There is no real estate to be found on the RE/MAX Europe website. The purpose of the website is to explain the RE/MAX business model and the benefits of becoming a member of the RE/MAX family.

Office Design

What makes an office a RE/MAX office? In many cases, the office is the first point of contact with the client. The European RE/MAX regions feature the most varied architectures as well as regional characteristics. Beside tools such as the QuickGuide Office Design, a regular office in the Dutch town of Leiden shows which brand elements are needed in order to become an independent RE/MAX office.

RE/MAX office in Leiden, Holland

Guide for High-Flyers

Why should I become a RE/MAX real estate agent? The six "boosts" of the Guide for High-Flyers, which ultimately make the difference and personal success possible, have been presented in a brochure. Not using photography, but by means of a universal visual language that is understood all over Europe – illustration.

Olaf Stein
Partner Branding


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