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Provocative for all the right reasons


Rebranding of a leading sexual wellness brand

“Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.”

Mark Twain was almost right; there are actually a few other animals whose cheeks redden with increased blood flow as a communication signal. But so far, humans seem to be the only ones who do so for emotional reasons – and certainly the only ones because of a product. But then, sex toys aren’t just any product.

That’s why sex toy manufacturer Satisfyer wanted to achieve real inclusivity for their products, so that everyone – of every age, ethnicity and gender – felt comfortable with their range of sex toys. To achieve this, they needed new packaging that would make their seemingly taboo products accessible and approachable. What’s more, they needed packaging – for a huge range of products – that would work in seven languages. But the real challenge that would bring color to any designer’s face? They needed it all in just ten short weeks.

Sometimes the right answer is two right answers – or a hundred.

Inclusivity starts before the customer even gets involved, right with the design. Factor’s secret to building a brand design that would put a wide range of customers at ease was flexibility. They created a bolder, more energetic logo to make the brand more approachable. But for even more flexibility, a second logo was designed using the brand’s initials that could be used in smaller areas or embossed on the products themselves.

Creating a new brand identity and packaging strategy in such a short amount of time was a challenge. But to see the strategy’s success around the world, in many languages and cultures, highlights the power of design to break down barriers and create conversations where everyone is included.

Olaf Stein · Partner Branding

Of course, it wasn’t just customers who had diverse needs. The product range itself was vast, with a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes. So Factor chose bright, cheerful colors for the packaging to give the brand a fresh, playful look – but in a wide array of mix-and-match combinations to provide incredible flexibility to handle the full range, while keeping the brand consistent.

Finding a connection to the customer doesn’t have to be a straight line.

For a customer to bond with a brand or a product, they need to feel represented. To build this powerful connection with the customer right on the packaging, Factor created “one-liners”, or line drawings that would depict a human form without the narrow details of age, ethnicity, body size or even sometimes gender. Not only do the line drawings set the brand apart with a truly unique look, but they allow for the expression of more complex emotions than a short text box can create.

And when you’re balancing seven different languages, finding other ways to talk about your product is essential. So Factor developed over fifty icons to communicate the main features of the products, without having to rely on written language.

Packaging is one place where you can think inside the box.

With an enormous product range of all sizes and shapes, packaging could have been a challenge. But Factor found a way to minimize the number of package sizes and shapes to make production, storage and display simpler and cheaper. This also made it easier for the brand to enter a space that for customers was surprisingly new: ordinary retail stores. By using the same base for all the products, Factor established a system of efficient sizes and a consistent appearance that would look just as good lined up on a shelf as it would in a box on the doorstep.

Variety really is the spice of life. And of design.

The solutions Factor developed for Satisfyer have allowed the company elevate their branding to the next level. What’s more, the flexible packaging concept has proved to be capable of handling the huge product expansion the company is undertaking. Best of all, the playful, inclusive branding has made it possible to connect with more customers than ever before – and fulfill the company’s goal of bringing joy and sexual wellness to all. And that’s nothing to blush at!

Olaf Stein
Partner Branding

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