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Sponser Sport Food

Sponser Sport Food

“Online First!” packaging developed and put in the shelves

Sponser Sport Food

Factor has positioned, structured and redesigned a range of over 100 products on the shelves for the Swiss sports nutrition specialist Sponser. The result is packaging that meets Online First requirements and also sells in brick-and-mortar outlets.


Customer Experience

The revised packaging design focuses on the key information.

Our objective for best customer centricity is to further develop the complex Sponser range for the “Online First” era.

Uwe Melichar · Partner Packaging

Customer Centricity

The black Sponser products are intended for competitive athletes, the white ones for recreational athletes.

Factor has succeeded in rethinking and recommunicating our complex product range.

Yvonne Förster · Managing Partner, Sponser Sport Food

Uwe Melichar
Partner Packaging


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