How do we bring your brand forward?

We listen.


What distinguishes us above all – according to the feedback we get again and again – is the partnership-based and approachable way we deal with our clients. We never want to impose any strategy or design solution on them just because it is beautiful or in line with the zeitgeist. Instead, we always look for the way that suits them perfectly. At the beginning of a cooperation, this can lead to us asking our counterparts a lot of questions. In any case, it is certainly one of the reasons why people continue to seek an exchange with us even after many years.


We think big.


Clients are often surprised by the holistic approach we take. Whether we are designing a logo, developing a packaging concept, creating a website or turning a complete brand communication inside out: We see the big picture in every detail and vice versa. That’s why we can manage even the most complex, interdisciplinary projects – so that not only the content is well thought out, but also all organisational processes run efficiently and smoothly – if necessary, also with the help of external experts from our wide-ranging partner network.


We can do it.


Whether strategy, branding or digital: we are at home in every area of brand communication, and have been for 30 years now. That's why we have not only accompanied many brands and products on their way, but also acquired the tools to meet the highest demands. It's no coincidence that our work has won over 200 nationally and internationally renowned awards in the course of our career. But this is just for the record, because as much as we are happy about recognition for what we have done, we are much more interested in what we have to do next.


We lead the way.


There is hardly anything more exciting for us than accompanying companies from the here and now into the future. Because the further development of a brand is a demanding task that requires a lot of tact. Too little change and the brand falls behind. Too much change or change in the wrong place, and people no longer recognise or accept their favourite brand. It is the fine line in between that we explore joyfully, curiously and together with our clients – on the way to the brightest, most promising future presence for their brand.



With brand strategy, brand consulting and brand positioning, we determine the strengths of your company and raise them to the next level.



With branding, rebranding, corporate identity and design, we give your brand a face that is attractive, clear and unmistakable.



With digital tools, we manage and steer your brand through all stages of online marketing in a target group-oriented manner – effectively, measurably and controllably.




Successful brands need relevance and differentiation. That's what we stand for.


Axel Prey

Strategy, branding, digital: our favourite practical examples

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