Brand positioning


We define how your brand should be perceived by your target groups.


Uniqueness, values and messages are worked out in order to stand out from the competition and appeal to the target groups.


Brand positioning
Target group analysis Competition analysis Brand values Brand essence Brand experience Brand architecture Visual identity Corporate Language

Target group analysis

Our approach to target group analysis involves an in-depth study of the demographic and psychographic behavioural characteristics of your potential customers. We use our Brand Factoriser method to gain insights that enable us to create a brand that is precisely tailored to the needs and desires of your target group. This forms the foundation on which all further strategies are built.

Competition analysis

Competitive analysis is a strategic method in which we examine the business practices, products and market performance of your competitors in order to optimise your own strategies and develop competitive advantages. The insights gained allow us to sharpen the profile of your brand so that it clearly stands out from the competition and
occupies a unique niche in the market.

Brand values

We discuss the following questions together: What values do we want to embody? What qualities characterise us? And are they conducive to our brand strength? We need to clearly define your identity in order to strengthen your brand!

Brand essence

Defining the brand essence is one of our core tasks. Here we crystallise the essential values, personality and value proposition of your brand. These core elements are carefully crafted to ensure that every interaction with the brand reflects these key messages and builds trust and loyalty with your target audience.

Brand experience

Creating a coherent brand experience means that we carefully plan and design every touchpoint between your brand and customers. From the initial online presence to customer service, we ensure that the brand promise is consistently lived and the brand identity is tangible in every experience to establish a lasting bond.

Brand architecture

The development of a powerful brand architecture requires a strategic approach to ensure a synergetic connection between the main brand and possible sub-brands or product lines. We design a clear system that defines the relationships and hierarchies within your brand portfolio and promotes both independence and synergies between the brands.

Visual identity

Developing a visual identity is a creative process in which we create a unique logo, colour scheme, typography and other design elements that visually communicate your brand. Our brand designs are designed to create recognition and visually express brand values to leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Corporate Language

With a specific corporate language that we develop for your brand, you stand out clearly, strengthen emotional customer loyalty and ensure increased trust in your brand with a clear, standardised communication approach across all channels.

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