Communication strategy


With the strategy, we define how your organisation or brand communicates messages to its target groups in order to achieve specific goals.


Communication strategy
Analysis Strategic communication planning Positioning Timetable Resources Operational communication planning


The analysis includes a thorough examination of the current market situation, the competitive landscape and the target groups. The aim is to gain relevant insights that serve as the basis for the communication strategy.

Strategic communication planning

Strategic communication planning defines the long-term goals, the desired positioning and the overarching messages. This planning defines the strategic framework for the entire communication strategy.


Positioning refers to how the company or brand wants to be perceived. This includes defining the unique selling points and the values that the brand represents.


The schedule specifies when the various communication activities are to be carried out. This enables the strategy to be implemented in an organised and timely manner.


Resource planning includes the allocation of financial and human resources for the implementation of the communication strategy. This ensures that sufficient resources are available to achieve the objectives.

Operational communication planning

Operational communication planning is the concrete implementation of the strategy. This is where the actual communication activities are planned, including the selection of communication channels, the creation of content and the definition of measures to measure success.




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