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We have a clear opinion on social media: no project starts without analyses. The choice of content, formats and channels depends on this. “Just doing it” only increases the risk of wasting time and money. A data-based approach makes it possible to deploy resources in a targeted manner and significantly increase the chances of success. This is the only way to effectively pursue and achieve long-term corporate goals in the digital space.

Strategies and concepts

Leave nothing to chance: A clearly defined social media strategy and cleverly thought-out concepts and editorial plans based on it are essential for successful implementation. It must be clear at all times what is posted when and where or placed as an advert. As an agency, we develop data-driven social media strategies and concepts that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. This not only optimises short-term performance, but also lays the foundation for sustainable success.

Adverts and campaigns

The possibilities of social media are almost unlimited. In the HR sector for job adverts or employer branding, in the sales sector to increase turnover or to increase the reach of articles or videos. A clear advantage of social media is the direct measurability of campaign success based on various KPIs such as reach, click rate and conversion rate. This means that measures can be adapted and optimised promptly, which increases the efficiency of marketing activities.

Editorial support

This does not always have to be paid advertising: Channels such as TikTok or LinkedIn are also very interesting for organic (unpaid) advertising. Whether as selective support or as permanent advertising, we are happy to support our clients in actively managing their channels. We are also happy to pass on our expertise and explain, for example, how Tiktok can be used optimally for the respective business objective.

“Every social media project is unique. Let’s talk about yours!”

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