User interface design


In UI design, we deal with the design of the interface between users and digital products or applications.


The aim is to create an intuitive, aesthetic and user-friendly interface that facilitates interaction and navigation and increases efficiency.

User interface design
Layout Colour scheme Typography Symbols and icons Interaction patterns Responsive design Prototyping User tests


The arrangement of elements on the user interface to ensure a clear structure and user guidance.

Colour scheme

The use of colours that determine the appearance of the user interface and define the brand identity.


The use of defined corporate fonts and their sizes for legibility and aesthetics.

Symbols and icons

The design of visual elements that represent functions or actions to facilitate user interaction.

Interaction patterns

Setting standards for user interactions, e.g. clicks, swipe gestures, drop-down menus, to ensure a consistent experience.

Responsive design

Adaptation of the user interface to different screen sizes and resolutions to ensure optimum display on different devices.


The creation of interactive prototypes to check and validate design decisions.

User tests

Conducting tests with real users to obtain feedback and improve the UI design.




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