Rebranding of a leading sexual wellness brand

"Humans are the only living creatures that can blush. Or has to."


Mark Twain was only almost right; there are indeed a few other creatures whose cheeks redden when their blood flow increases. But humans seem to be the only ones who do this for emotional reasons - and certainly the only ones who do it for an object. But then again, sexual wellness products are not just any old products.

Everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or gender, should feel comfortable with Satisfyer's sexual wellness products. New packaging is designed to make the products more accessible and appealing. At the same time, the huge product range requires a seven-language solution.
The solution: a flexible design system with a dynamic logo and a broad colour palette that can be combined almost endlessly.

Linear line drawings represent people of all ages, ethnicities, body sizes and genders. The oneliners allow the expression of more complex emotions and contribute to the distinctiveness of the Satisfyer brand.

When you have to fit seven languages into a very small space, you need product descriptions without many words. More than fifty icons communicate the main features of Satisfyer products at a glance.

The enormous range of products in all shapes and sizes makes packaging design a challenge. The new packaging system minimises the number of packaging sizes and shapes to make production, storage and presentation easier and more cost-effective. This makes it easier for the brand to enter an area that was surprisingly new to customers: ordinary retail outlets.

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