LungenClinic Großhansdorf

LungenClinic Großhansdorf
Brand relaunch for Germany's first lung center.

LungenClinic Grosshansdorf is an internationally renowned clinic for lung and respiratory diseases and Germany's first lung centre. Every year, around 12,000 patients are treated in the areas of pneumology, oncology, palliative medicine, thoracic surgery, anaesthesia and intensive care. The LungenClinic is located in the forest community of Großhansdorf near Hamburg, surrounded by nature. The new logo combines the specialist focus and the unique location of the LungenClinic to create a striking symbol for lung health.

The new LungenClinic Großhansdorf website offers a completely revised information architecture with newly designed access points for all target groups. The focus is on providing information quickly and showcasing the fascination for the topic of lungs. The aim of the relaunch is to guide users quickly to their destination without losing the depth of information.

Just in time for the 120th anniversary of the LungenClinic, planning began for the construction of a new state-of-the-art ward block, which is scheduled for completion at the end of 2025. The foundations for this were also laid in the new corporate design. Icons and illustrations, whose aesthetics are derived from the logo, can be used in the signage system and to organise information in digital and printed communication.

The lettering and logo of LungenClinic Großhansdorf can be used independently of each other - the flexible logo system adapts to all media. Illustrative patterns visualise the complexity of pulmonary medicine and allude to the LungenClinic's location in the forest community of Großhansdorf.

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